Project Description


King’s Casino has commissioned WonderStream to run a 24/7 stream on Twitch. This Poker linear WebTV is a world premiere.

In the need of a good exposure for the launch, the Poker Gamers Contest was born.

This 2-days invitational event welcomed Tier 1 influencers from the streaming and eSport scene raising attention both from the poker media and the Pro-Gamers fanbase.

24/7 linear Twitch Stream
Logo Kings Poker Gamers Contest Black
  • 2 live poker games streamed

  • 8 influencers

  • €10,000 Prizepool

  • Doubled the historical  Peak Viewers

  • +16% total followers

  • +30% total views

Streamed Hours
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A passion for Poker & Entertainment

Onscreen Poker Gamers Contest
Forsen Poker Gamers Contest
Hotted Poker Gamers Contest
ElkY Poker Gamers Contest

Craig ‘Onscreen’ Shannon

Onscreen is a former Counter-Strike Pro turned streamer. With a focus on Counter Strike (and more recently H1Z1 and PUBG), he is one of the most famous Twitch streamers in the United Kingdom.

Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors

Discovering his passion for esports as a StarCraft II player, Forsen has since established himself as one of the most notable Hearthstone players in the world. He currently represents Cloud 9.

Alan ‘Hotted’ Widmann

Hotted is a streamer focused on World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and more recently PUBG. If you ask anyone in the industry about Hotted, they’ve definitely met him on the dance floor.

Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier

Former StarCraft Pro, and long time member of the famous PokerStars Team Pro and Team Liquid, ElkY has accumulated more than 13 million dollars on poker tables around the world.

Line-up of hype streamers & casters

Family Shot Gamers Contest
Rotterdam, BenDo and Tarym Preparation

Full Line-up

Our influencers for this event:

  • Forsen (Twitch : 582k followers | Twitter 71k)
  • SjoW[Team Liquid] (Twitch : 178k followers)
  • PyrionFlax (Twitch : 90k | Twitter : 70k)
  • Hotted89 (Twitch 229k | Twitter 142k)
  • OnScreen (Twitch 232k | Twitter 31k)
  • Djarii (Twitch 139k | Twitter 27k)
  • Dexter (Twitch 52k | Twitter 80k)
  • ElkY[Team PokerStars & Team Liquid] (Twitch 52k | Twitter 79k)